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Order Center Industrial Corporation or OCI is one of the leading and reliable manufacturers of all kinds of relevant stationery and office products based in Taiwan. We produce all kinds of Portfolios, Camera Bags, iPad Holders, Tablet Holders, Computer Bags, Binders, Cooler Bags/Lunch Sacks, CD Holders, Pencil Pouches, Travel Bags, etc. since 1983. Our reputation for quality, productivity and promptness is highly regarded. Our facilities and technical personnel were transferred to Mainland China in 1993 and we are very proud to say that our factory had passed the internationally recognized standard and is now an ISO 9002 certified manufacturer.

OCI offers you unrivaled opportunities in three specific areas: RETAIL, COMMERCIAL and CORPORATE GIFTS. You can choose from our widest and most innovative range of organizers in exciting new styles and materials. Materials such as PVC/PU, semi-PU, polypropylene, nylon, polyester, bonded leather, leathers, etc make up our products which are superbly made by heat-sealing and stitching guaranteed to satisfy both business and personal needs. Our range of portfolio and business/document case adds a professional touch to the key of success. Our resources for product development are unprecedented and our prices are very competitive.

We pride ourselves on being able to provide superior quality and value on the various good and services we offer to our customers. Our ability in assisting them in developing new and existing products have been met with great satisfaction and new products are being developed continuously for our customers each year. We believe that our company would be your best choice considering that we are able to provide competitive prices, excellent quality and new designs, efficient service with competent staff, prompt shipment.

Contact us to find out how OCI can fulfill your inquiry with utmost efficiency and responsibility. Our website offers more information about our newest and widest range of products. Thank you very much for letting us have this opportunity to serve you.